Deep in the middle of the Kočevje forests lies the abandoned village of Sredgora. Mrs Mojca, a descendant of the people who used to live here, in Kočevje, has created the boutique tourist complex Sredgora on the ruins of an abandoned village. The restoration has followed the tradition and preserved harmony with the unspoilt nature that abounds here in all its glory.

Pristine Nature, Complete Detachment, the Pinnacle of Comfort

Villa Sredgora offers complete comfort and security, while at the same time providing you with a genuine contact with the powerful energies of nature. The herb and vegetable garden awaits. In the evenings, a fire is lit and a relaxing bath is bubbling. It smells fresh and wild. It is a day full of inspiring little things that we do not even notice in the rush of everyday life. Many trails invite you to cycle or hike along the surrounding countryside. Sleep is sound and restful, and the stay is comfortable. Feel connected to yourself and to nature. A natural luxury!

Meet the Host

In Sredgora, you will be taken care of by Mojca, a descendant of the local Kočevje nomads who chose the village of Sredgora as their home more than three hundred years ago.


Mojca is a nature enthusiast, an avid lover of wild food, folk traditions and exploring the local forests. She is a treasure trove of knowledge, whose guide through the experiences that Sredgora has to offer will be safe and inspiring.


She is an excellent cook and hostess, who is happy to attend to her guests. The smell of freshly baked bread, local delicacies and wild food she prepares is guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding senses.

Surrounded by the Pristine Nature and Centuries-old Forests

Sredgora is surrounded by a forest which covers more than 90 % of the area. Therefore, it is, by far, the most forested landscape in Slovenia. Over 200 hectares of untouched primeval forests lie deep in the forest. Man has hardly ever set foot in it or interfered with it. Visit the Sredgora and feel the power of nature in its most primal form.


The German settlers of the Kočevje region, or the so-called Gottscheers, immigrated to this land in the 14th century. Their rulers, the Counts of Ortenburg, moved them from their estates in Carinthia and Tyrol to this region for economic reasons. The community persevered here for more than 600 years and had a significant influence on the development of the town of Semič and the surrounding area. The Gottscheers always lived in close contact with nature. They had skilfully made the most of the local forests, from gathering herbs and hunting to timber production. The products were made and sold in the surrounding areas.

Nature comes First!

We designed Villa Sredgora with the desire of bringing people closer to a nature-friendly way of life. This idea is integrated into everything we do, from the construction of the self-sufficient villa, for which we have used natural materials such as stone and solid wood from the surrounding forests, to the actual experience we want to present to our guests. As a descendant of the Gottscheers, Mojca strives to revive and integrate the knowledge of the people who lived here into everyday life.


Our aim is that upon your arrival, you begin an unforgettable experience of getting closer to nature, detoxifying your brain and completely getting your mind off the stress of everyday life. We want to help you open your eyes and other senses to really feel the unspoiled nature and to pay attention to the little things you don’t usually notice in everyday life.


As we aim to be in harmony with nature as much as possible, we separate our waste, save energy and water, and respect the flora and fauna surrounding us. We want to nourish your body and soul, that is why the food we serve is sourced locally, in addition, we offer outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling. Our motto is that you don’t have to give up comfort to connect with nature.