Villa Sredgora is an oasis of comfort and relaxation in the middle of pristine Gottschee (virgin) forests in the south-east of Slovenia. This sustainably designed beauty grew on the ruins of an abandoned nomadic village, which the hostess Mojca revived into a unique tourist destination for the most demanding guests. For guests who swear by sustainability and appreciate unspoilt nature.

With us, complete comfort and safety await you, along with genuine contact with the mighty energies of nature. It is here in all its glory.

Green. Sustainable. Superb. Natural luxury!



Villa Sredgora, built in 2022, offers accommodation for 8+2 persons and is rented as a whole.

It includes a modern kitchen with dining and living area, 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The outdoor terrace is equipped with a summer kitchen and barbecue. The facility offers a selection of local wines and products from local producers that you can try.

The building is surrounded by a large yard with a garden, fireplace and children’s playground. You can park in the yard for free.

The hostess is always available for additional information. She will be happy to provide you with information about the local environment and everything it has to offer, transport and other local features.

Guests can make a reservation in writing by emailing info@sredgora.si, by phone +386 40 626 925, via the website, or online portals. In the case of bookings made through the online portals, the guest agrees to the terms and conditions of the online booking portal and, consequently, to the general terms and conditions of the resort. Upon payment of a 30% deposit of the total booking amount, the reservation is confirmed. The guest will receive a confirmation e-mail. Upon arrival, guests pay the remaining balance of the reservation.
Minimum stay: 5 nights (April – September, Christmas and New Year holidays)
There is no limit on the number of nights you can stay from October to March (except during the Christmas and New Year holidays). If the number of nights is less than 3, a one-off cleaning fee of 80 euros will be charged to the bill.

Cancellation or Modification of a Reservation

To make changes with your booking, or to cancel your reservation completely, please email info@sredgora.si, call +386 40626925, or cancel your booking via the website using the code you have received in your email address when you made your reservation via the website.

Terms of Cancellation

Up to 45 days before the scheduled arrival date: no charge.

From 45 days – 2 days before the scheduled arrival date: we charge the amount of the deposit (30% of the reservation amount).

From 48 hours – 24 hours before the scheduled arrival date: we charge 50% of the reservation amount.

From 24hours – 0 hours, no-show or early departure without prior cancellation: we charge  100% of the reservation.

We will charge your credit card for the amount.

In case of an early departure, the remaining days of the night must be paid.


The following payment methods are possible: Visa, Mastercard / Eurocard, American Express, Diners, Maestro, cash, proforma invoice.

The full amount of the reservation will be paid upon arrival.

The price includes

Overnight accommodation, wireless internet (unstable), parking, a cot, bed linen, 2 towels per person.

Check-in / check-out

check-in: from 15:00, check-out: until 10:00

We hold the reservation for the guest until 24:00 on the day of arrival. In case of later arrival, guests are kindly requested to inform the resort in advance – on the day on arrival until 24:00, at least. If the guest fails to inform the resort in time, the resort is not obliged to hold the room for the guest and has the right to charge the guest a no-show fee.

Check-in at the Resort
For security reasons, guests must have a valid ID (ID card or passport) with them at the check-in.

Tourist Tax
Tourist Tax is to be charged to all persons according to the following conditions ordered by the Municipality of Črnomelj. Adults are charged a tourist tax of € 1.5 per person per night. Children under 7 years are exempt from the tourist tax. Persons aged 7-18 pay 50% of the tourist tax.

Extra Bed for the 9th and 10th Person
Extra bed is available at the resort and costs € 30 per person per night.

Free outdoor parking is available. The Resort accepts no responsibility for the safety of the vehicles, damage to the vehicles, or for items stored in the vehicles.

We reserve the right, and the guest authorises us with this by signing the registration form, to charge for any damage caused to the guest’s room, or the resort during the guest’s stay, or for any items missing on departure.

Early Departure
The Resort is not obliged to reimburse the Guest/Client for an early departure. For any exceptions (reason for early departure), please contact the resort owner.

Applicable law
These General Terms and Conditions are subject to the Slovenian law. The parties agree on the exclusive jurisdiction of the Slovenian court.

Protection of Privacy
The Resort protects all information collected about guests in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of the Republic of Slovenia. By accepting the offer, the guest is deemed to consent to the use of this data for the purposes of statistical processing, and for the communication of offers. Please note that you must show a proof of ID when checking in.

The resort will only be liable for items brought by the customer in accordance with the legal provisions if the damage is related to a breach of duty on the part of the resort. Despite the security cameras, it is essential to lock the property when a guest is not present on the property.


NATURE is our priority, since we are surrounded by it from all sides. That is why our house rules are designed with the preservation of nature in mind and coexistence with the environment of which we are a part of. But of course we didn’t forget about YOUR SAFETY.

Please read the house rules carefully and follow them strictly.

We wish you to spend unforgettable moments in Villa Sredgora!


Since Villa Sredgora is located in the forest, where many wild animals live, it is necessary to strictly respect the night peace, which applies from 10 p.m. to sunrise.

 Even during the day, excessive noise is not desirable, as it only disturbs the wild animals that live here. Parties and loud celebrations are not allowed (E.g. bachelor parties)

Throwing firecrackers and fireworks is strictly prohibited every day of the year.


Waste is separated into marked bins located next to the building and a compost bin located in the yard. Please do not put dangerous substances (e.g. batteries, medicines,…) in these bins. We will take care of those for you. It is forbidden to leave leftover food overnight in the surroundings of the building (on the terrace, near the barbecue), as this can attract wild animals to the immediate vicinity of the building.

Use the list below to help separate waste:

Glass Packaging

All kinds of empty and clean bottles, pickling jars, jars and bottles of baby food, broken glasses and bottles

Mirrors, light bulbs, window glass, crystal, porcelain,ceramics, reinforced glass

Biodegradable waste

Dispose of the waste from the list below in the container with biodegradable waste.

Only fresh fruit and vegetable waste, garden waste and the like (egg shells, coffee grounds, paper tissues, sawdust, weeds, rotten fruit, cooled wooden weeds…) should be placed in the compost bin located in the garden. This type of separation is necessary so that we do not attract wild animals with discarded food.

Kitchen waste and cooked food scraps (heat-treated fruits and vegetables, also soups and liquids), filter bags, vinegar and wine residues, spoiled food products without packaging, contaminated paper bags for fruits and vegetables.

Meat and bone scraps, plastic and metal food packaging, detergent scraps with packaging, sanitary products and diapers, hygiene papers, paper diapers, medicines, hazardous waste, oil and grease, pet excrement

Paper and cardboard packaging

Newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, school notebooks, books, envelopes, writing paper, wrapping paper, paper bags, cardboard boxes, packaging for food products, cardboard packaging of washing powders and various appliances

Plastic-lined  packaging, tetra paks, contaminated packaging with hazardous waste, spray poison packaging, wallpaper, cellophane, toilet paper

Plastic and metal waste packaging

 Plastic bottles of drinks, food and cleaning products, food and beverage bottles, cans, tetrapak, plastic bags, aluminum foil, yogurt pots

Styrofoam, paper and glass packaging, packaging with contents, packaging of dangerous substances, toys and textiles, hazardous waste

Mixed municipal waste

Meat and bone scraps, styrofoam, diapers, small waste from sweeping the apartment and yard, pieces of fabric and leather, greasy film and paper, cellophane, window glass, toilet paper, remains of toothpaste tube, meat and bone scraps, CDs, petexcrement, light bulbs (except energy-saving ones)


In the yard there is an herb and vegetable garden, from which you can serve yourself. Please only eat ripe fruits. Also, please do not pick the flowers, as they are most beautiful in their natural environment.

If you are interested in gardening or the plants that grow here, our employees will be happy to tell you more about it.


There is a fire pit in the yard.

BUILDING FIRE is allowed only in a designated fire pit. The fire must be extinguished after use, and all necessary safety measures regarding fire prevention should also be followed.

There is a fire extinguisher in the building.


Smoking is prohibited inside the building.

There are fireproof ashtrays in the yard, which prevent the spread of ash and cigarette butts by wind. Please use them consistently. It is forbidden to leave cigarette butts anywhere else.


Please turn off the lights and turn off the faucets consistently to help preserve natural resources for future generations.

If you notice any defect in the facility that increases energy or water consumption (for example, dripping from the tap), please inform us as soon as possible.

Please note that there is a limited amount of water available as we are completely off the grid and all water comes from tanks.

We sincerely thank you in advance for your contribution to the preservation of the environment!


Villa Sredgora is located deep in the forest, where many wild animals live. For this reason, it is necessary to strictly respect the night peace rules.

 After 7 p.m. or at dusk, movement on unmarked paths and movement in the forest is not recommended – also because of hunters. In the dark, stick to roads and well-marked hiking trails.

We are a BEAR FRIENDLY ACCOMMODATION. This means that we try to discourage bears from moving around the villa. Leaving food outside the building (for example overnight or when you leave the building for a long time) is not allowed. It is also not allowed to leave food and waste in the forest. Our waste collection system is designed to be inaccessible to bears and other animals. Compost only fresh, uncooked vegetables. Dispose of cooked vegetables and other food scraps that could attract wild animals in the mixed waste bin. We will separate them accordingly later.


Children are welcome here. The facility has a table and a baby seat for feeding, a cot and a changing pad. A small outdoor playground is also available for children. Use of it is at your own risk.

We recommend that children move around the facility under the supervision of their parents. Children entering the forest unaccompanied can be dangerous, so we do not recommend it.


Pets are allowed to stay at the resort for an extra cost of € 20 per pet/night. 

There is a dog bed and a mat, water and food bowls, and poop bags available on the site. 

In the event of damage to the property (chewed/scratched furniture, dirt that cannot be cleaned, peeing inside the house where it cannot be cleaned), the damage is the responsibility of the guest – the owner of the animal. 

Outside, in the immediate surroundings of the resort, you will need to pick up your animals waste (bags are available free of charge at the resort). 

Of course, when you go for a walk in the woods, this is not necessary.


Since the nearest store is not very close, there is a well-stocked cabinet with food products in the kitchen from which you can serve yourself. The price list is attached.

Open the gas cap before cooking or baking, as both the stove and the oven work on gas. If the gas runs out and the gas bomb needs to be replaced, the gasket must be replaced at the same time as the bomb. A new one comes attached to the new gas bomb.

If you need help switching on or changing the bomb, contact the manager.

The dishwasher has three drawers for dishes. The upper part is intended for cutlery, the other two for dishes. Before washing, fill the machine with rinsed dishes, add a detergent tablet, select a program and press the start button.

Water from the water dispenser is intended for drinking, for all other purposes use tap water. Please handle water sources with care as they are limited in our accommodation.

Please do not pour wine, vinegar or oil down kitchen drains. Pour the wine and vinegar residues into the bio-waste container, and the oil residues into the dedicated container located next to the garbage containers.


Use the fireplace in the living room only if you know how to. If you need help, we are available. Use fireproof gloves when handling the fireplace. The use of these is mandatory when operating the air flow control handle located on the outer right side of the fireplace and the handle of the door.

For safety reasons, use only the firewood provided in the chest next to the fireplace. It is also forbidden to leave any things on the fireplace while it is burning, as it may cause a fire.

The fireplace must be cleaned after every second use. In agreement with you, the cleaning will be done by the employees of Villa Sredgora.


One large and one small towel awaits each guest in the accommodation, which are changed and washed if necessary. Place the dirty towels that you want to change in the basket that you can find on the outdoor terrace. We will deliver clean towels. We developed this system because, as a sustainable installation, we strive for the lowest possible consumption of water and energy. Thank you for helping us with this goal!

The same goes for bedding. When you want a replacement, please kindly inform the staff.

If the shower in the downstairs bathroom is not draining smoothly, it may be because of hair that is stuck in the drain. This may happen despite the fact that we clean and disinfect the accommodation every time guests change. That’s why we put a small tool on the built-in shelf, with which you can lift the drain and remove any obstacles. It looks like this:


The additional charge for the sauna is 10€‎/h. You can use the sauna, but you have to make arrangements with the employees beforehand. They will prepare the sauna for you – light the fire and bring it to the desired temperature. This can last from 1-2 hours, so advance notice is required.

Elderly people, pregnant women and people with chronic diseases should consult a doctor before using the sauna.

Take a shower before entering the sauna.

A basic rule applies in every sauna – the wood must be protected from sweat. We have towels available in the house that are long enough for you to stretch out and lie on the bench over the towel. Never go to the sauna in a bathing suit or flip-flops, as these begin to create unpleasant odors under high temperatures. Undress, shower and cover yourself with a towel or sheet that you will only use in the sauna.

Before entering the sauna, remove all jewelry as it can become hot and cause burns. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you should also remove them. Contact lenses can cause serious eye irritation when exposed to dry air. Never bring a water bottle or any other objects into the sauna.

Do not take a sauna immediately after eating or on an empty stomach. Using the sauna after drinking alcohol is not recommended. It’s best to wait an hour or two after eating, because sweating also requires energy. Stay in the sauna for no more than 15 minutes, then take a shower and wait at least 10 minutes. You can repeat this ritual three times in one day.

Use of the sauna at your own risk.


The additional charge for the hot tub is 50€/day. You can use the hot tub, but you have to make arrangements with the employees to use it. They will prepare the bath for you – light the fire and bring it to the desired temperature. This can take from 4-5 hours, so advance notice is required.

Take a shower before using the hot tub.

Shampoos and soaps are not allowed in the hot tub.

Enter and exit the hot tub slowly and carefully, as the surface can be slippery from the water, especially when it is icy/snowy. Don’t jump in the tub. Drinking alcohol in the hot tub is not recommended. If you want to have drinks or snacks with you, you can put them on one of the movable shelves.

Elderly people, pregnant women and people with chronic diseases should consult a doctor before using the hot tub. Children must be supervised by their parents at all times when using the hot tub.

Do not enter the hot tub if the water temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius. Stay in the hot tub for no more than 15 minutes, then take a shower and wait at least 10 minutes before re-entering.

Use of the hot tub at your own risk.


To ensure your safety, the facility is equipped with VIDEO CAMERAS. You can turn them off at your own risk during your stay in the facility. In this case, we are not responsible for any inconvenience that occurs during this time.

Caution is also advised when moving around the building, when exploring the surrounding forests and natural heritage. We do not recommend climbing on nearby ruins (in the vicinity of the accommodation there are abandoned buildings of Gottachee buildings) due to the risk of falling or slipping.

Our staff will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information for a safe stay in Villa Sredgora.

Important phone numbers:

Manager of Vila Sredgora +38640626925

Information center, medical assistance, firefighters, veterinary assistance, rescue units 112

Police 113

AMZS – assistance on the highway and car towing 1987

You use all facilities within Villa Sredgora at your own risk. If any damage occurs during your stay, you are financially responsible for it. Vila Sredgora is not responsible for any damage caused by fire, accident, theft or other unannounced events.


Villa Sredgora consistently respects human, child and labor rights and has zero tolerance for any intolerance or discrimination (based on gender, age, nationality, skin color, sexual orientation).

A tolerant and respectful attitude is the fundamental guideline of our operation and cooperation with our guests, suppliers, subcontractors, the local and wider community and all other stakeholders with whom we cooperate. We will report any suspicion of child exploitation or other crimes against anyone to the appropriate authorities.


There is a book of impressions in the facility. We will be happy if you share them with us!